Why I Love Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting

Second Baptist has a vibrant mid-week prayer meeting service.  It is not vibrant because of the attendance, though the attendance is wonderful. It is vibrant because of the spirit of those attending.  I look forward to Wednesday evening as a chance to gather together with the people of God and have a brief time of devotion in the Word of God and then spend anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes in prayer.  I love to hear the requests of the membership and also the testimonies of how God has answered many of those prayers!

Not every church does the mid-week service.  Not all those who have a mid-week service actually take time to pray as a congregation.  I am not saying one way is right and another is wrong.  I am saying that I love what we do here at Second Baptist.  Here the reasons I still enjoy Wednesday night prayer and Bible study.

The People

Now, it is hard to know what is in the heart of a man or woman, but I believe it is safe to assume that those who come out on Wednesday morning are intent on living a life dedicated to God.  Extra effort is usually a sign of dedication.  There is a spirit of unity and fellowship in our services on Wednesday night.  We laugh, we pray for one another, and we enjoy fellowship around the things of God.  Oh yes, the people are definitely one of the things I love about Wednesday night prayer meeting.

The Program

There is nothing fancy about Wednesday night.  We don’t have a complex order of service, and there is very little entertainment value.  It is simple.  We sing one or two songs, then open our Bibles for a time of devotion and study in the Word of God.  Currently we are going through the book of 1 John, and I am learning so much! After about 20 minutes of this Bible devotional, we divide up into two rooms.  The men and boys go to one room, and the women and little girls go to another.  What do we do?  We pray!

I love to listen to the prayers of the older men in our church who have walked with God for many years.  We are not in a hurry.  We wait until all who desire to pray out loud have done so.  As a father, I cannot express my gratitude to the Lord for allowing my children to be surrounded by so many men who know how to talk to God.  The Wednesday night program is simple, but that is part of the beauty of it.

The Purpose

I know that the Bible does not command us to have a mid-week service.  I am not saying that every church must do so, but I would certainly encourage you to have one if you don’t!  So, why do we do it if it is not a Bible command?  Simply to draw closer to God.  We do it for the fellowship, the encouragement, the edification, and the joy of gathering together apart from the world for an hour in the middle of the week.

As pastor, I wish more of our congregation would participate in this service.  I know the value it brings in my own life, and would desire the same for them.

We don’t meet on Wednesday night because we think we are better than those who don’t.  We do it because we love it!  Come this Wednesday if you are in the area.  Sing with us.  Study God’s Word with us.  Pray with us.  I know it will refresh your spirit and lift your heart.  That’s the purpose.  I love it.


Do you have a Wednesday evening prayer meeting at your church?  Do you attend?  If you do attend, how has it helped you in your walk with the Lord?  I would love to hear your thoughts.  Please leave a comment below if you have something helpful or encouraging to add.  Also, if you have a prayer request, please leave it in the comment section and we will pray for you the next Wednesday evening we get together!

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