Spirit-Filled Fruit Baskets – Day 13


What is the difference between the peace the world offers and that which God gives?  Isn’t peace…well…peace?

That will be our focus today.


John 14:27  Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

The world is on a consistent search for peace.  Men and women know that there is no lasting peace in their lives, yet they search for that one thing which can give them lasting peace.

The flaw of sinful man is the mistaken idea that peace can come from within themselves.  Eastern mysticism feeds into this idea and is attractive to many people because we want to believe that somehow the secret to peace is inside of us.  It isn’t

The peace Christ offers is not a sense of tranquility that arises from life of asceticism, or an emptying of our minds to the place of peaceful oblivion.

I believe Christians need to be very careful about these teachings creeping into our lives and churches.

The peace the world offers is temporary.  It is surface peace.  It is fragile peace.  We are constantly having to work to maintain it.  Therefore, it is an exhausted peace.

The word peace means quietness; rest.  On the day of the feast, the Lord Jesus Christ stood and extended an invitation to those who were burdened with the sense of sin, and were laboring to make themselves acceptable to God.

He said, “Come unto me…and I will give you rest.”

We have already mentioned the fact that Christ is our way to peace with God.

This peace that he offers is one which cannot be taken from us.  However, it is possible for us to neglect this peace, or fail to embrace it, and allow our hearts to be troubled once again.

The Lord Jesus was trying to prepare his disciples for the fact of his departure, and he wanted them to be at peace.  He told them that he was leaving them His peace, and that they shouldn’t let their hearts be troubled, or be afraid.  That would be the temptation, but if they trusted in Christ, their hearts could be at rest.  They could enjoy a sense of quietness in the turmoil around them.

His peace was not as the world gave:

-It wasn’t found in the pursuit of denial of pleasure.

-It wasn’t like the empty greetings of polite conversation.

-It wasn’t the empty peace of a false religious exercise.

It was a true and lasting peace. They were about to go through a very difficult time, but Christ was leaving them with His peace, and therefore they could stand firm in the sense of peace, knowing that God would be with them through it all, just like He had promised.

My dear friend, the peace that is available to us in Christ is a lasting peace.  Embrace it.  Believe it.  It is for you and I today.  No matter what we are going through, His peace can carry us through.  Is your heart troubled?  Are you afraid?  Accept His peace.  Consider the words of this famous hymn:

Have you a heart that’s weary
Tending a load of care?
Are you a soul that’s seeking
Rest from the burden you bear?

Do you know my Jesus?
Do you know my friend?
Have you heard He loves you?
And that He will abide til the end ?


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