About Us

Our Past

12376630_469639259908089_2917972299342894262_nIn the early 1800’s God led a group the people to establish the Second Baptist Church in North Lebanon.  Since that time many things have changed, but many things have remained the same.  The things that have changed are not as important as the things that remain the same.  Throughout the years, Second Baptist has remained committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have sought to uphold the Biblical role of the New Testament church through three things, which still define us today.  These are:

  • Solid Biblical Preaching
  • Christ Honoring Music
  • Family and Fellowship

Our Present

cropped-cropped-11709816_400331666838849_3554607408548621681_n-1-1.jpgOver the years, God has given Second Baptist men who would pastor His people according the truths of His Word.  These men have all approached their task in ways that were unique to their personalities.  Some have stayed only a short time, while others have stayed for many years.

We thank God for these men, and their wives, who have provided leadership throughout the changing times, while standing unchanging on the truths of God’s Word.


In March of 2016, God brought our most recent Pastor to the ministry of Second Baptist.  We are excited about the things God is doing, and we look forward to all that God will do in the future.


Our Future

light-at-end-of-thetunnelSo, what lies ahead for Second Baptist?  Only time will tell, but we remain committed to the principles we have held through the years.  Our commitment is to the Lord, and with His help, we will continue to do the following things as long as He allows us the privilege to serve our community.

  • Preach the Word of God Without Apology
  • Provide a Healthy Environment for the Growth of Believers
  • Spread the Gospel the Our Community and the World.
  • Reach and Train the Next Generation to Carry on the Work

If you are looking for a church that stands firmly on the Word of God, and where your family can be fed spiritually and challenged in service for the Lord, then we encourage you to prayerfully consider Second Baptist.  We love it, and we think you will too!